Chief Financial Officer


Functie eisen

Job overall purpose

  • Secure a high quality finance function with high validity
  • Build on and automate processes so they are constantly smarter, faster, and more efficient
  • Deliver smooth and valuable reporting to our investor and the Board
  • Be a key player in the M&A processes and be advisor to the CEO and the Executive Circle
  • Communicate to the organization what we need to improve and work more efficient

Key areas of responsibility

  • Leadership of 7 Xpeople (DK & US)
  • Run a professional operational finance function
  • Consolidate and prepare financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Preparation of and follow-up on budgets
  • Controlling by preparation of business analysis’s
  • Optimization of processes and IT in Finance
  • Financial contribution to business development

Key tasks

Leadership of 7 Xpeople (DK & US)

  • Performing meetings supervising all projects – together with the key stakeholders on the projects
  • Performing visual management with a strong element of mentoring
  • Hands-on management when needed

Run a professional operational finance function

  • Secure proper invoicing
  • Optimize use of IT finance tools
  • Secure proper payment of credits
  • Cash management and –forecasts

Consolidate and prepare financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis

  • Follow up and validation of data
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Reporting to the board and the shareholders

Preparation of and follow-up on budgets

  • Validating data through proactive knowledge of the business
  • Continuously follow-up on the budgets

Controlling by preparation of business analysis’s

  • Participate in meetings with the management group
  • Proactively seek relevant information
  • Prepare after calculations
  • Prepare business orientated Business Cases
  • Prepare relevant analysis to reveal key parameters in the business
  • Prepare risk analysis
  • Prepare treasury statements

Optimization of processes and IT in Finance

  • Continuously evaluate existing processes
  • Continuously evaluate IT tools

Financial contribution to business development

  • Prepare investment calculations
  • Prepare simulations in connection with plans for new business activities
  • Prepare leverage analysis’s
  • Prepare funding suggestions and analysis’s
  • Prepare pricing analysis’s
  • Create the economic foundation for business development decisions
  • Negotiations with partners (banks, consultancies,)
  • Work proactively with investors

Criteria of Success

  • Effective and optimized finance function
  • Value adding controlling
  • Value adding business development


Critical experience

  • Have experience as a CFO from a global tech company, preferably at a scale from 80+ people and growing
  • Have experience with M&A and a competent and proactive advisor in the process
  • Have solid experience with leading in a global context (financially, legally etc.)
  • Experience with financial support to business development in an international context – regarding all the described aspects (financial optimization, risk, treasury, corporate finance, negotiations,…)


  • Excellent communication skills which you use proactively to feed data & information into the organization
  • You connect and communicate to the board with an extremely high level of proactivity, quality, and efficiency
  • Lead from the front, which means taking a strategic approach, and facilitate, spar and coach to do outstanding work, and not being afraid of rolling up the sleeves and get things done
  • Mindful about the importance of your role, responsibility, and time, so you're an expert in delegating and planning
  • Have an analytic approach and can find new and better solutions on the reporting
  • Social and want to connect with other people throughout the organization.
  • TimeXtender work remote and value the social connections throughout the organization, and you see this connection-building as an important part of your role, too


  • Master education within Auditing or Finance


Interviews will take place in Copenhagen. The company will not be notified of your application without your consent.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Jan Tornfeldt by mail: or phone 2999 9040

Functie omschrijving

We give back time to the world – as time is the only finite resource. That´s why we truly believe that time matters and why we are constantly on the lookout to simplify and automate, and then execute on what matters most.

We seek to free up more time in the world – to do good and get it right. We are on a path to have impact on our world, challenging the way we work and think, and empowering the future for generations to come – we are here to make it right.

Our future well-being, environmentally and socially, lies in the decisions we make every day. We choose to focus on specific Impact goals, as we want our business to be a force for good in the world.

We believe that to make big changes in the world, we will need to start small in the communities we serve, eventually leading to a growing, lasting impact.

We set the bar high; for ourselves, our partners, and customers! And we keep raising it! We take pride in automating the tedious and mundane. Our holistic, metadata-driven solution for data integration enables getting to data-driven decisions 10X faster than with standard methods.

Data is unlike any other asset in our world. It never wears out, it never drains, it can be used again and again, and we only get more of it! The real value in data comes not only by having it easily accessible but applying your mind and heart to make decisions with the data!





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